Jobs at Unison Computing

Unison Computing is a seed stage startup and a public benefit corp. Our overall mission: radically advance what’s possible with software, and make the creation of software accessible to everyone. The company researches and develops new open-source programming technology and builds products on this new technology. Our current projects are the open source Unison language and the commercial Unison Cloud Platform (UCP).

Principal Infrastructure Engineer

We’re currently looking for an infrastructure engineer to help build the Unison Cloud Platform.

In this role you’ll have the opportunity to lead development of our futuristic new cloud computing platform, which presents all the resources of the cloud as a single elastic computer, programmable with the Unison language. The platform you will build should be capable of powering computations at any scale, from just a few nodes to global systems like Netflix or Google.

The most important trait for this role: a belief that the (computing) world is what we make of it, and an ability and willingness to learn whatever is necessary to make a new vision of computing a reality. Regardless of your past experience, you will often find yourself in uncharted territory.

What you will do in this role

  • Design the architecture of the Unison Cloud Platform, working very closely with the technical founders of the company.
  • Determine staffing needs for UCP v1 and help recruit an amazing team to build it with you.
  • Along with your team, do the engineering work to realize the UCP vision. You’ll likely be building large pieces of the UCP using the Unison language itself.
  • Other activities you’ll likely be involved in:

    • Help design the Unison inter-node protocol, the fundamental network protocol that allows any pool of computing devices to act as a single elastic computer.
    • Write core Unison libraries needed for the UCP implementation.
    • Developer outreach, including blogging about your work and presenting occasionally at conferences and meetups.
    • Implement distributed algorithms and data structures in Unison and make these components accessible to UCP customers operating at whatever scale. This might involve reading academic papers and collaborating with researchers in the distributed systems world.

What we're ideally looking for

  • Deep expertise with at least one cloud computing provider such as AWS and all the related technologies that go into building software at scale in the cloud.
  • Experience building and operating production systems.
  • Experience with purely functional programming.
  • An interest in distributed algorithms and data structures and willingness to learn more in this area.
  • Excellent communication skills.

An interest in compilers, runtimes, and programming language theory is also nice to have but not required. Since you’ll be a heavy user of Unison in building the UCP, you’ll help shape the evolution of the Unison language and will be involved in aspects of its design and implementation.


This position can be remote, but will involve regular travel to the company headquarters in Somerville, MA, especially when first getting started. If remote, you should be willing to work hours that overlap substantially with a North American Eastern Time workday 9am-5pm.

The company is also happy to cover relocation expenses if you would like to relocate to the Boston area for the position.

How to apply

Send an email to Here's what to include:

  • Tell us who you are and why you want to work on Unison.
  • Tell us what you've been up to, for example by including your résumé/CV or a link to it (LinkedIn is fine).
  • If you have some work you want to show us, attach that or a link to it.
  • Attach samples of, or links to, things you’ve written (being a distributed team, written communication is important to us). This can be an awesome code comment, API doc, blog post, novel, or whatever you want.
  • If you’ve given any talks, technical or otherwise, show us those as well.
  • Let us know where you are currently based.
  • What questions do you have about the role?

We look forward to hearing from you!

- Paul, Rúnar, Arya